March 21, 2023
project management is an award-winning project management and collaboration platform. It is basically used to make collaboration and co-operation within the team. is basically designed to organize and track the work of teammates. This application guides and manages the project work according to the businesses and companies needs. 

This application is the best because of its acceptability. It has many features which are helpful for project-related work. For example, collaboration features, timeline viewing features, time tracking features, and also contains many integrations. 

It also contains many highly customized spreadsheets for task distribution and examination of work fulfillment. These customized spreadsheets contain different columns such as work details, team members and their tasks, progress reports and problems, etc. This app presents active tasks in front of team members including all required details.

This application also contains real-time monitoring and it is very good for a project managers to handle their teammates. It is also good for make co-operation and co-ordination within teammates and of course, it is good for businesses to use full capabilities of their employees. 

Pricing Policy Of Monday. Com

You can try Project management software with a 14-day free trial. For this period it does not require any credit card or money. Monday. Com charges money from a group, not from any individual.  The subscription plans of are given below according to a number of team members:

  • Individual Plan At  $0, it is only for up to 2 sheets and it is suitable for individuals who are looking to keep track of their work.
  • Basic Plan At $8, this plan can manage your teamwork and put it in a systematic place.
  • Standard Plan At $ 10, it can collaborate and customize your work.
  • Pro  Plan At $16, this plan can run and streamline your team’s complex workflow.

Features of Monday.Com

  • Transparency And Trust

This application software is very transparent and trusty. This application provides professional support to its users for project management and personnel management.

It provides fast access and execution techniques to its users. They want to make their users satisfied.

  • Customer- Centricity

They want to satisfy their customers. Therefore they are improving and adopting new working manners to fulfill their customer’s needs. They are passionate about serving quality services to their users. According to’s official web page, the winning of their customers is their winnings.

Product First 

They are providing almost all information about project sites, such as the progress of the program, timely progression of teammates, and problems in coordination and co-operation of teammates.

Ownership And Impact 

They provide full ownership to their users over their work. They also provide amazing execution facilities to their users.

Speed And Execution

They believe that the faster their user executes, the faster he/she learns and improves their strategies. They also provide their user feedback that how to manage projects effectively with efficiency. And they also provide guidance to make a competitive and cooperative environment among project teammates.


They make sure inclusion of diversity because every person has their or unique specializations. Using, everyone can focus on their specialization. 

Positives of

1. Multiple Project Viewer

You can look daily progression of work at a glance by clicking on the view option. This option includes completely custom views which provide daily progress detail and person-to-person details at a glance. Through this application, you can also keep eye on multiple projects easily.

2. Built In Time Tracking has a few project management tools which generally have time tracking capabilities or time-taking devices. This facility is provided when any user wants this facility.  Through it can take a deeper look at time consumption and utilization. You can also calculate personnel working speed and project progressing speed. 

This feature is good for making discipline among teammates. It also provides a scope to take corrective majors. Through this app, you can judge the working capabilities and productivity of workers. After that, you can take corrective decisions.

3. Robust Integrations 

You can integrate it with the business tools and applications which you are already using. A good integration can improve your ability to work and you can able to fulfill required work in less time. It can integrate with Slank, Zoom, Shopify, google and Todoist, and other 40 plus tools.

4. Customize Able Templates

These templates are designed to save your time and effort because it provides many different templates without taking any charge. For example templates for team tasks, campaign planning, customer onboarding, event planning, contact management, and many more.

5. Custom Automatics

Through it, you can automatically move a task from the first phase to the second phase. It can automatically assign a new team and can send emails regarding work to the members. Custom Automatics makes the work distribution process easy and efficient.

6. Dashboard Reporting And Workload Management

It is good for a project manager to take quick decisions because it provides data in a suitable form. has a customize-able and easy-to-use dashboard. Through it, we can look at all the important facts easily, and thereafter we can use this data to improve productivity. 

The capacity planning widget provides managers with real-time updates and helps them to allocate their resources automatically in a few seconds. It also provides an individual progress report and it is important to know how can we motivate our subordinates to do work in the favor of the project.

Negatives of

  1. Absence Of The Features In The Basic Plan 

There are many features like integration and automation that are not available on its basic plan.

  1. Integration Issue 

It is not sometimes able to integrate with some software like Canvas, ActiveCapaign, etc.

Summing Up – Project Management Software

This application software is good for project-intensive businesses like site businesses and differential product production units etc. This application provides point-to-point marking of work and difficulties. This thing is good to improve the capability and productivity of businesses.

 Its task management tool and dashboard managing tool are very powerful tools because the task manager distributes tasks among team members and the dashboard managing tool provides an overall summary of daily work progression.

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