March 26, 2023
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In today’s environment, marketing is all about the digital world. This indicates that a lot is happening and that there are numerous channels, strategies, and opportunities to pay attention to. Due to all of this, present marketers frequently struggle to improve productivity for their marketing strategy.

For marketers, productivity is crucial because the time to market is everything. The outcomes of your marketing will suffer if you delay too long.

Being productive involves more than just getting simple administrative tasks done swiftly. Additionally, these ideas can help you maximize the results of your marketing initiatives. You can accomplish more. And then focus your attention on new projects by streamlining your procedures and using the appropriate automation solutions.

What makes marketing productivity so crucial?

Marketing productivity is the measurement of an agency’s capacity to turn its resources into results that benefit both its clients and the agency.

An effective marketing strategy completes tasks more quickly. It provides customers with results they value, attracts even more significant clients, and keeps the business expanding. Perhaps even more significantly, effective organizations spark excitement and satisfaction in their employees.

We’ll look at some of the effective tactics to improve productivity for your marketing strategy in this article. Follow these tactics and see how they impact your outcome.

Employ the Right Tools

The tools you utilize have a significant impact on how productively you market. This is crucial for remote marketing teams in particular.

Today’s marketing requires a wide variety of tools and procedures. You need to keep track of a lot of different operations, including lead-generating tools, social media, your website, and marketing. As a result, things become disorganized when marketing teams communicate with one another using various software systems.

The solution is to use an online program that allows you to handle your daily tasks in one spot. Picktime, a free online appointment scheduling software, is the ideal solution.

Picktime offers a single dashboard for managing your appointments, employees, and resources. Additionally, Picktime allows you to combine the personal Google or Apple calendars of you and your team members. Enabling you to continuously monitor all employee activity.

You can now manage all of your campaigns from a single, consolidated platform as a result. If you work with a remote team, having a centralized platform makes it easier to stay on top of everyone. It helps you keep track of what they are doing and how campaigns are performing.

Automate your marketing

Setting marketing on autopilot is the best approach to save time. You can cut down on the number of hours you would normally spend on manual marketing duties by using marketing automation.

Automation makes sure the job is done every time while working with a remote team. It saves you the time and effort of back-and-forth communication in search of updates and criticism.

Marketers can boost their productivity through different channels and methods by utilizing marketing automation to its full potential. Therefore, it’s probably time to consider implementing a marketing automation solution if you aren’t already.

You can also use it to maintain secure client databases. Additionally, integrating tools like Constant Contact and MailChimp will be extremely helpful to you in email marketing. As a result, you can always be in touch with your customers by sending promotional content. 

In this manner, you can set up the workflows using a tool like Picktime. After that, you can depart from them and continue with your other work. As a result, you can now concentrate on performing additional marketing-related tasks. You might relax knowing that automation is handling a task that would otherwise take a lot of time.

Create a balanced day schedule

The majority of marketing professionals are familiar with the experience of working with desperate clients. All clients are significant, but some require regular updates and communication. Few clients even go so far as to contact account executives after business hours. Therefore, it’s essential to set and enforce boundaries to prevent interruptions that hinder productivity.

As a result, schedule at least an hour during the workday when you won’t be accessible to clients. However, telling everyone about your leisure time is time-consuming. But do not panic. You may easily schedule your meetings using virtual software like Picktime.

You can quickly reschedule customer appointments in addition to making new ones by dragging and dropping them on your dashboard. Plus, Picktime integrates with your personal calendars so that you never miss a personal or professional occasion.

Additionally, Picktime offers a booking page so that customers can self-schedule meetings round-the-clock. And to help you secure your personal time, Picktime allows you to create time blocks on the calendar. With Picktime’s assistance, you can also set up automated SMS and email alerts to the appropriate people. As a result, customers could only schedule an appointment based on availability.


It’s crucial to make modifications with mindfulness. An underperforming marketing team or an undeveloped marketing strategy will harm a company’s profitability. Therefore, instead of pondering about new ideas, take action to increase your productivity.

Always remember to establish a benchmark and track your progress. Your efforts will be more successful if you track more instead of speculating!

Anywhere in the world that you operate a business, it is crucial to make adjustments carefully.  We hope that using these tactics can improve productivity in your marketing strategy and achieve better results.

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