March 25, 2023
Apple Watch 8 – Presentation date is set

Currently: Launch Date Is Set

Meanwhile, the official invitation to Apple’s Earning Ea keynote event as been sent out. As a result, it’s set to begin at 7 p.m. on September 7 (German time). It is a guest-attended event that can also be followed online, in contrast to the previous two years. Keynote slogan “Far out” likely alludes to a new camera feature in the iPhone 14. Although the Apple Watch 8 isn’t specifically mentioned in the invite, it’s safe to assume that it will debut alongside the newest iPhones.

Are You Planning Three New Watch Models?

Gurman claims to have knowledge that Apple plans to release three different models (via Bloomberg ). It’s been speculated that it’s the new Series 8 SE 2 model, a wearable designed for elite athletes. The next iteration of SE should take cues from the “low-budget” model of the past and function as a sort of gateway experience. Names like “Explorer” or “Adventure” might fit the latter smartwatch. The design also includes high ATM rating (water resistance). The norm is commonly accepted to be 5 ATM. There is talk of a water sensor, too.

When it comes to the impending Apple Watch 8, how outstanding do you want each variant to be? Exciting new features, long-awaited sensors, and a processor that was already present in the predecessor were rumoured in the past. According to recent rumours, the watch will have fewer colour options and a more compact design. ShrimpApplePro claims that the entry-level smart watch has a same design to the Apple Watch 7. One can choose between an aluminium or stainless steel housing, but titanium is not an acceptable option. The blue and green colour options reportedly aren’t available for the metal version either. Additionally, Starlight Black, Red, and Silver are accessible.

This Is What The Apple Watch 8 Should Look Like

Many Apple customers are curious about the Apple Watch 8’s aesthetic. The firm, as usual, is being tight-lipped about any potential details, but rumours suggest that the Series 8 won’t look too different from the Series 7. It’s likely that Apple is making some minor adjustments to the screen sizes. It’s possible that they’ll be bigger than the original design. Moreover, the new smartwatch is said to feature two cutaways on either side. It’s possible that the two devices are a speaker and a microphone. Due to the history of releases, a new hue is not only possible but also quite likely. That being said, nothing is set in stone, and Apple has a history of shocking its fans.

There are also preliminary renders that illustrate the colours and designs in great detail. Pictures depict a sleek and fashionable Apple Watch

New (Health) Functions In Planning

In his latest email, Mark Gurman provides a more in-depth explanation of the thermometer feature. According to him, the Apple Watch 8’s temperature sensor does not provide an accurate readout, but it can be used to assess if the temperature is normal. The watch will sound an alert if it detects that the wearer’s temperature is too high or too high for their comfort zone. While the thermometer feature is expected to be included in the next generation Apple Watch or the Apple Watch released in 2023, its inclusion is not yet confirmed.

In his most recent newsletter, Mark Gurman also talks about the thermometer function and gives more details about it. He says that the Apple Watch 8 doesn’t give an exact temperature reading, but that the sensor be used to figure out if the temperature is in the normal range. The watch will sound an alarm if it is too high or if the person wearing it has a fever. People think that the thermometer feature in the Apple Watch 8 is one of its best features, but it’s still not clear if it will come in the next generation or in the Apple Watch in 2023.

If it comes, it will also add to what the Apple Watch can do for your health. As everyone knows, the information should then be accessible through the health app. Plans could also be made for new and better sports functions, such as recording for the running function.

Also, infrared light will be used to make more features possible. A document from a provider makes this clear. So, in the future, people who have an Apple Watch should be able to measure their blood sugar, blood pressure, and alcohol levels.

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