March 28, 2023
shade net for sale in kenya

Seeing the plants grow quickly is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. The temperature should be comfortable, and the environment should be conducive to plant growth. When there is a greater need to water the plants during the summer, the temperature rises. But have you ever considered whether this is sufficient or whether more needs to be done? Have you ever considered what it would be like if you could apply sunscreen to plants? Does it sound strange? No, it doesn’t. A shade net can be used to provide the plants with the necessary protection from the summer heat.

What exactly is a Shade Net?

The shade net, as the name implies, is used to protect the plats from the harsh heat of the sun during the summer season. These shade nets are widely used in agriculture, horticulture, and other industries.

How to Choose the Best Shade Nets?

The proper shade net selection is critical for assisting plants in growing properly. Shade nets are typically made of loosely woven polyester or, on occasion, aluminum. Shade nets for sale in Kenya are available in a variety of densities and shades. The nets should be selected based on the type of plant being grown and the amount of shade required to beat the heat. Before choosing shade nets, make certain that they are water-permeable so that hydration is never an issue. You can also buy shade net for sale in Kenya from Eunidrip Irrigation System.

The following are the two most common types of shade nets available on the market.

Shade Netted Woven

The issue that arises here is the choice between the two. You should keep a few things in mind, which are discussed further below.


The knitted shade nets are made of lightweight polyethylene, whereas the woven shade nets are made entirely of polypropylene. The knitted shade nets have an open lockstitch design that resists wind damage while also reducing heat buildup and wind speed inside the structures. Woven nets, on the other hand, are heavier than knitted nets and allow for more heat accumulation. As a result, the choice of nets is determined by the users’ specific needs.


Knitted shade nets are less difficult to install than woven shade nets. Edge tapping is not required for knitted ones, but it is required for woven ones to resist fraying and the nets unraveling if cut. As a result, it is critical to select the nets based on the specific needs of the users.

Ultraviolet Ray Resistance

Both nets are resistant to ultraviolet rays from the sun, but woven shade nets can withstand even the most intense sun exposure. So, depending on the amount of sun exposure, knitted shade nets or woven shade nets should be used.


Knitted shade nets allow about 2% to 3% stretch or shrinkage, whereas woven shade nets allow very little stretch or shrinkage. If more shrinkage is required, knitted shade nets are the best option.

Average Life Expectancy

Knitted shade nets can withstand most horticultural chemicals and detergents and have a longer life expectancy than woven shade nets. Choose knitted shade nets if you want a longer-lasting shade net.

Uses of Shade Nets

Knitted shade nets are used in a variety of settings, including shade houses, hothouses, and greenhouses. Woven shade nets, on the other hand, are useful in shading for solar protection of plants, pet kennels, windscreens, patio shading, and privacy screens. Thus, the choice between knitted and woven shade nets is determined by the application.

Keeping all of the aforementioned points in mind when choosing shade nets will ensure that the right one is chosen. Furthermore, to get the best quality shade nets, it is always a good idea to choose a trusted, reputable, and reliable manufacturer such as Green Pro.

We sell genuine 60% mesh – Our Shadenets are made from monofilament raw materials and are UV treated to keep you safe from the sun.

60% Shadenet Utilization

Controlling Birds – This net can be used to control birds and protect crops from damage. This is most effective in nurseries.

Windbreak – These UV-stabilized nets shield your crops from strong winds, resulting in higher yields and healthier crops.

Hail Nets – Use this shade net to protect your crops from hail storms.

Ventilation nets are made of UV-treated monofilament raw material that reduces wind speed and heat buildup in a greenhouse.

Coffee drying nets are nets that are used to dry coffee.

Construction nets are nets used for safety to keep debris from falling on people. They are constructed of UV-treated monofilament raw material.

Construction nets are mostly green in color.

Car park shade nets are nets that are used to protect vehicles from the sun and dust. Our nets are dust-resistant.

Support nets are nets that are used to provide uniform, straight stem growth for all types of cut flowers, such as roses. Carnations, liliums, gypsophilia, alstromeria, and christantemus are among the flowers used.

Germination Nets – These nets are used to promote the germination of newly planted seeds while also protecting the seeds from erosion.

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