March 27, 2023
Microsoft Development Services

Microsoft @outlook email address is a free web-based email service provided by Microsoft. It is the most widely used email service in the world, with over 360 million users. The same as an e-mail address with your internet provider (eg @kpnmail or @ziggo) only via Microsoft with Microsoft Development Services.

A Microsoft e-mail address has several advantages in contrast to e-mail via your provider. Among other things, you get a large mailbox with a storage space of 50GB. With an internet provider, this is usually 1GB to 5GB of storage space. Nowadays we keep more and more email messages for our digital archive, so a little extra storage space is a must have.

Easy sync

You can easily synchronize your e-mail, calendar and contacts via the Microsoft Outlook app for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. An Outlook e-mail address works with Microsoft Exchange and does not have this limitation. Moreover, you can also synchronize your calendar and contacts on your devices. Just nice everything within reach with Microsoft Development Services.


Microsoft’s anti-spam filter is a lot more advanced than the filter via an internet provider. With a Microsoft account you can also use 2-step verification to protect your account against hackers. And if you are an Office 365 subscriber, you get an extra layer of security with advanced threat protection that automatically checks all clickable links and attachments for malware and phishing.

Are there also disadvantages?

The same as with a gmail and icloud account. If you experience problems with your account, you can contact the service desk, but they speak English in almost all cases.

Cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive

With a Microsoft account you automatically get access to Microsoft OneDrive, the cloud storage from Microsoft (the same as Google Drive or Apple iCloud). You get 5 GB of free storage for files, photos and music. Super handy if your computer has problems or crashes, for example, then your files are still in the cloud and you won’t just lose your files.

Microsoft office online

If you log in via the browser via you can use office online. With Microsoft office online you can use the Microsoft office apps via the browser. Office online does not have all the functions as in Microsoft office, but for daily business you will come a long way with this free office package with Microsoft Development Services.

Microsoft office 365

Office 365 is the trusted Microsoft office package in subscription form, you get access to the trusted office apps for your computer, notebook and tablet.

The combination of Microsoft Office 365 with an Outlook email address and OneDrive gives you a lot of freedom.

Together with Microsoft OneDrive, it gives you peace of mind because your files are also in the cloud and no longer just locally on a computer with Microsoft Development Services.

All in 1 home service subscription

Would you rather have everything around your computer arranged in one go, take a look at our all in 1 home package with office 365 with Microsoft Development Services.

Do you automatically have a backup with a cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive?

As long as you do not delete your files yourself, your files will always be stored in the cloud. However, if you would also like to have your files local, there are 2 handy options with Microsoft Development Services.

You can download your entire OneDrive library on the Synology Nas every day via a Synology NAS (network hard drive) . This way you automatically have a copy of your files. If you take a Synology NAS with, for example, 2 or more hard disks, the Synology NAS will automatically make a copy on the 2nd hard disk

What happens if I cancel my internet package through my internet provider?

If you cancel the internet package of your internet provider or, for example, switch to another internet provider, you will in most cases also lose your e-mail address via your internet provider. Back up your e-mail in good time and inform your contacts in good time.

An advantage of Microsoft account you are not offered to your internet provider and you can easily switch internet providers without losing your e-mail traffic.

What does a Microsoft Account cost?

A Microsoft account is completely free, if you need more storage space for OneDrive or if you also want to use Microsoft Office on your computer or notebook, you can buy an Office 365 subscription . A subscription starts from € 7 per month or € 69 per year.

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