March 22, 2023
Case Study: The National Day logo

Businessman holding pens and holding graph paper are meeting to plan sales to meet targets set in next year. audit budget and financial concept

The concept of National Day 2022? “Live San Diego: tightly knit!” The goal? Underline how much the people of San Diego have pulled together over all these months of the pandemic. At Anaxdesigns, we do not weave. But with talented 3D artists, it’s just like! Let’s see how 3D helped produce an authentic image.

The mandate

The National Day team wanted to represent a complex, united and mixed culture. So, this year, in addition to our national color’s day, weaving comes into play. As there are several versions of the logo and many visuals that display it, it is out of the question to proceed with a real weaving. Imagine the work of a monk! Still, the team needed the texture to be authentic, detailed, and rendered well, even on the biggest posters. That’s why she turned to 3D imaging and video animation services provider.

If the image had been made in 2D, the surface would have seemed like a sketch of a weave. So, the role of the studio was to apply the texture over the existing logo to make it look real, to make the image look like a photo.

The technique

Modeling is like sculpting the object to be represented. It’s creating the object in digital space by giving it width and length, but also depth and relief. In short, the essence of 3D.

Concretely, it was a question of finding a digital sample of the texture. A photo of weaving in very high resolution. It was then necessary to remove any shape or relief from it and eliminate any defects or particularities, then give it the desired color. Our job was to finally apply this sample to the entire fleur-de-lis model. The same principle was applied to the background and the lettering.

Finally, it had to be lighted up. The effect chosen was that of a spotlight, as if the photo had been taken in a studio.

The challenge

The National Day is posted everywhere and, often, on very large supports. Think of the show broadcast every year and the giant posters that surround the stage. The logo will also be presented on printed and digital posters. The challenge of this visual was therefore to achieve it with incredible precision and to render it in very high resolution.

This precision work begins very early, at the texture selection stage described above. Indeed, if the texture is not precise at the base, it will not be more so once reworked, even less once enlarged. Even if the police TV series lead us to believe otherwise. You know when investigators finally see the culprit’s face on a videotape and they pause, zoom in and brighten the image? Yeah…that’s wrong. If the original image is pixelated, it will be enlarged as well. She was captured like this.

That said, the technical aspects between video and 3D are a little different, but the principle is the same: the detail of the image must be worked on from the start. If there are imperfections, they will only be seen better when illuminated and zoomed in.

To see the strands of plush escaping from the fleur-de-lis, we dare to say mission accomplished!

Other uses

Modeling and applying texture are particularly useful for manufacturers of said textures, especially in the textile industry.

In short, for material manufacturers, one of the biggest challenges is often to obtain photos of their products in their final application. They constantly struggle to tell their story and engage their audience, since they lack the visuals to capture their attention and interest. 3D then becomes an excellent alternative.

For our new collaborator here, we will model furniture and cover it with his fabrics. For example, if it produces a certain faux leather, we can model an armchair and cover it with it; place the armchair in a cozy hotel lobby, and BAM! His client is won over… much more than if he had seen photos of rolls of leather.

For the experienced logo designer that offers affordable logo design packages, a project like the National Day 2022 logo is not complicated. The result, however, is anything but ordinary. It’s an image that we could imagine, but that we could hardly realize “in real life”. Hence the magic of 3D: bringing to life any product of our imagination.

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