March 26, 2023
how to make a poll on youtube

If you have more than a thousand subscribers, you can poll your audience with questions in the comments section or embed polls directly into your videos with YouTube cards. In any case, you’ll have to dig around in the preferences to find that option on how to make a poll on youtube

Keep in mind that you may have to activate how to make a poll on youtube for the community feature if you already have 1,000 subscribers but can’t seem to access it. Select the profile pictogram, then Your Channel, to access your channel. To personalize your channel, click the corresponding menu item.

Requirements to make a poll on youtube

  1. More than a thousand people should be following you.
  2. Those who watch you on YouTube must be logged in.
  3. Up to five options may be added to the poll.

To Begin With, What Is a YouTube Poll?

YouTubers can invite their viewers to weigh in on a topic by creating a video with a poll. It’s a useful medium for collecting and disseminating audience feedback. The maker and the audience can see the results simultaneously.

Policymakers must meet these criteria to make polls. To view the Community postings, content creators’ channels must have more than 1000 subscribers. In other cases, like adding the Community tab, it may take up to a week. Second, the channel shouldn’t be restricted to those over the age of 18.

Use the comments from the forum to conduct a vote.


  • Activate your YouTube account by signing in.
  • Select the Upload tab at the top of the page, and then select Create a post.
  • To create a poll, select the corresponding button and enter your question followed by the choices.
  • To submit, just click the button.


  • Launch YouTube on your device and log in.
  • Select My channel from the profile menu.
  • To access the group’s features, click the “Community” button.
  • Select the poll icon located at the bottom of the page by tapping the text box located at the top.

Create a Survey using YouTube Cards

We regret to inform you that at this time, the YouTube mobile app and the YouTube Studio app do not support the addition of cards to videos. If you’re in a pinch without access to a computer, you can still add cards to your videos by opening YouTube in a mobile browser and switching to desktop mode. Even while the interface won’t be ideal, it will be usable in a pinch. Here’s how to set up a poll in your own YouTube video using cards.

  • Enter your login information for your YouTube account and navigate to the Video Manager.
  • Choose Edit on the menu next to the video you wish to put cards into.
  • Choose the Poll option under Add Card.
  • Input your query and potential answers here.
  • To make your greeting card, select the button.

Note: The Poll’s results will be accessible via YouTube Analytics.

You must check your YouTube account’s eligibility to vote.

  • Any YouTube channel with less than 500 subscribers will not be able to see Community content.
  • The community tab may not display for up to a week after you reach 500 subscribers.
  • Avoid having your YouTube channel restricted to those under 17.

Subscribers must meet YouTube’s polling requirements.

  • Those who access YouTube on their mobile devices must do so using the official app available for both iOS and Android.

The benefits of conducting polls on YouTube

For any YouTube channel looking to increase viewership and participation, making polls is a simple and efficient solution. Here are six examples of how poll cards may help producers connect with their audiences.

  1. One, they can direct the videos they watch.

Video creators who are at a loss for what to film next or who are unsure of their viewers’ preferences can find guidance in polls. Make your viewers feel important by giving them a say in the videos they watch through the use of polls. Get fast feedback in seconds using YouTube polls instead of going through the comments area on each video to discover what your followers thought of the content. Listening to your audience will tell you what they want to see more of and what they want you to stop doing.

  1. Conversation starter

The polls on YouTube are a fantastic way to get responses, but they aren’t limited to spur-of-the-moment voting. The poll feature allows creators to pose targeted questions to their audience to stimulate meaningful discourse in the comments section.

  1. Knowledge of the uploading timetable

Online video makers may now poll their audience and interact with the YouTube community in real-time. Conduct a YouTube poll to learn when your audience is most active so you can plan your video production accordingly. Selecting optimal upload times for your audience can significantly increase participation. 


  1. Enhanced infrastructure for online education

Polls can be used by educational channels like virtual learning to learn more about the topics that viewers find most challenging. A viewer’s answers to a poll are completely confidential.

  1. have a good time with your viewers and readers.

Questions in polls can be lighthearted as well as profound. By making use of YouTube polls, you may interact with your audience in a lighthearted way by asking them interesting questions. Motivate the audience to share their feelings and join the discussion. 

  1. get readers interested in older posts

Use YouTube polls to promote older videos. YouTube polls are a terrific method to engage new subscribers, especially if they’ve never seen your content. Polls help creators learn about their audience, stimulate involvement, and shape their channels.

last remarks

YouTube poll instructions. If you change your mind about keeping a poll up for a long time, click the three dots in the upper right corner of the community post to delete it. To remove a poll, go to the video’s cards section and click Edit. Toss the icon.



No further information will be provided on how to make a poll on YouTube, therefore this concludes the tutorial. Creating a poll on YouTube isn’t hard, and it’s a fantastic way to get more subscribers involved with your channel. Making polls on YouTube is as easy as following the instructions above.

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