March 21, 2023
logo design test


An essential step in the process of creating a logo is testing it. It’s preferable to test things out first so you can predict the outcome before making any final decisions. One of the most identifiable features of your company is its logo, which is why it needs to represent your brand and stand out from rivals. When you consider the cost of your website, printed materials, and all of the collateral products the logo will be applied on, it’s imperative to get things right.

Why logo testing is important

Before it is finalized, a logo design test serves as your logo’s last line of defense. You can identify any areas needing work or make last-minute adjustments while taking this test. Logo testing is beneficial, whether creating a new logo for your brand or updating an old one. Most of the time, important decision-makers struggle to choose one logo mockup from a variety and become confused. A logo test with a larger audience may confirm a choice and offer information that can result in a better design. Considering the investment in the new logo, getting an objective opinion is valuable. You can get assistance for logo testing from Logo Design Dallas companies.

Things To Consider Before Taking A Logo Design Test

It is not sufficient to question “Which logo design is better? “; a correct method and plan must be used. Here’s how you may become ready to produce reliable and genuine results.

  • Before beginning the test, create a specific audience scenario.
  • Ask questions about potential logos, at least one of which should be a fill-in-the-blank activity.
  • Make sure the test is unbiased to prevent it from evoking a particular response.
  • Ask closed-ended questions to get more precise answers.
  • Construct a test with a polished appearance that will work well as a platform for contrasting top-notch logo designs.
  • The audience that is most pertinent to your brand should be polled.
  • Present your case briefly and limit the amount of testing.

Types of logo testing

Different logo tests include guerilla, strategic, and thorough ones. These tests were created with your budget and scheduling needs in mind. Whether you are the decision-maker, a leadership team or board member, or a marketing team member, testing a logo design is always a good idea. Let’s take a detailed look at these tests on logo design.

Guerrilla Testing

There are situations when the budget is too limited to cover your needs for a logo design trial. The good news is that these short surveys can be done quickly and cost-free. Your questionnaire can be sent to friends, family, or other business contacts by email in pdf format. Additionally, social media can be a huge assist in this process. You can make a social media post about your logos and solicit feedback on the design from the public. Because the guerrilla logo test approach can generate knee-jerk reactions, begin the scenario as briefly as possible. Remember that those who are likely familiar with you might not want to insult you by providing an entirely objective, honest judgment. After passing all the tests, you can purchase a logo design from one of many companies.

Strategic Logo Test

A strategic logo test is an option for a business or brand that is prepared to invest some cash in the logo testing design process. The test’s findings might be useful. To acquire somewhat accurate results, use an audience of pertinent individuals. These exams are a little on the pricey side. Here are some examples of questions that might be asked during a strategic test:

  • Which logo, in your opinion, makes the strongest visual impression?
  • Which logo, in your opinion, stands out the most?
  • Which of these logos, in your opinion, stands out the most?
  • Which logo makes you feel more trustworthy?
  • Why did you choose the logo?

Extensive Logo Test

You’ll probably conduct a lot more testing, including in-person focus groups and other methods, if your logo is used on various products and is heavily monetized. Starting with what is in our Strategic Logo Test, you can make minor adjustments. Simple modifications to the font’s typography or color can significantly impact. Your time and money will be saved by testing the prototype.


When things are unclear, it is always better to ask for assistance. Many changes can result from viewing something with new eyes. If you are still unsure of the logo you want for your company, you can purchase a design from online businesses.

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