March 25, 2023

Lil Baby has a new song titled “How You Mad She Choosing Me” which is featured in her latest single. The song features Sleazy Flow and is a remix of the famous Lil Baby song. It features a catchy melody that is sure to get the girl’s attention. In addition, the song has some beautiful lyrics.

Lil Baby

Lil Baby is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, who was released from prison in 2016. Since his release, he has released seven full-length albums and 12 singles. He has become a fixture on rap radio, and has performed with international superstars such as Drake and Future. He has also collaborated with local rappers such as Gunna and Migos.

This collaboration was very successful, and Baby’s verse perfectly fits the message of the track, which is about how a woman prefers a man over a woman. The music video quickly shot up the YouTube Trending list in the Music category. Since the remix, the song has gained a wider audience, solidifying its relevance. It has also enhanced Sleazy’s fame and has led to the signing of a record deal with the Island label.

Lil Baby recently shared a story of turning 60 dollars into $100,000 in one week. He explained that he received this money after Young Thug paid him to quit hustling. He was able to turn his life around after realizing his talent as a rapper and decided to stay out of the streets. His first full-length album “My Turn” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

In addition to “The World Is Yours to Take” by Lil Baby, the song also featured a sample of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. It will be featured on the FIFA World Cup 2022 soundtrack and in a Budweiser ad campaign. Lil Baby is also planning to film the official music video for “The World Is Yours to Take,” which will air in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup, which runs from Nov. 20 to Dec. 18.

Sleazy Flow remix

SleazyWorld Go has dropped an official remix to Lil Baby’s “Sleazy Flow.” The braggadocious bars of Baby and Sleazy complement each other perfectly, roiling over a piano-centric production. Both rap artists express their status and wealth in a track that affirms their freshness in the game.

“Sleazy Flow” was produced by Rage Santana and features Lil Baby. SleazyWorld Go is a promising rapper from Kansas City, and his “Sleazy Flow” remix secured him a recording contract with Island Records. The remix is available below.

Sleazy Flow

“How you mad she chose me” lyrics have become a worldwide trend. The song is a catchy and sensual number about a boy’s feelings for a girl. While the lyrics of the song are simple, the meaning is deep and meaningful. With the millions of views and thousands of likes, the song has made many a career.

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The track features Baby’s verse which perfectly complements the message of the song. The video for the track reached the top three YouTube Trending lists in the music category. Sleazy’s remix, “Sleazy Flow”, has solidified the song’s significance and impact. Lil Baby’s inclusion has elevated Sleazy’s star power even further.

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