March 26, 2023

XResolver Review

XResolver is an online database used to track the activities of gamers. It is a free tool that pulls gamertag IP addresses via Skype. Although it was designed for entertainment purposes, some users got carried away and used it for revenge, bullying and antisocial behaviour on the web. The database stores information on gamers such as IP addresses, Gamertags, online profiles and online relationships.

Xresolver is a free PSN/Xbox resolver plus a Gamertag IP puller

PSN/Xbox resolvers are a great way to find the IP address of a specific user. However, you must first know what a Gamertag is. If you have forgotten it, you can search for it on a website that has a database of Gamertags and IP addresses. These databases contain information on thousands of users as well as bots.

xResolver was founded in 2017 and is available under two domain names. It was initially designed for Xbox users, but eventually expanded to cover PSN users. However, it wasn’t as successful as other reverse lookup tools. This was because players had saved their IP/Gamertag entries using a similar tool, Octosniff. This tool became the most popular IP sniffer in the past two years and its popularity grew exponentially.

This software can pull and sniff IP addresses and can also detect the user’s location. It has a database of PSN and Xbox gamertags, and works on both consoles. Because it’s a web-based database, you won’t have to jailbreak your consoles to use it. Moreover, it is VPN-compatible.

XResolver can be used to blacklist and unblock players. It allows you to monitor other users on Xbox and PlayStation. It can also help you identify people in other games and prevent third-party booter attacks.

To use XResolver, you need to enter your system’s IP address. Some systems have dynamic IP addresses, while others have static IP addresses. Depending on your service provider, it’s possible to change your IP address without restarting your router. If you need a new IP address, you can contact your ISP and request a new one.

You can also use OctoSniff to sniff packets. This is a powerful network research tool that identifies the IP address of your opponents. This program can be downloaded for free. If you want to get the name of a person, you can also try Psycho Coding’s website. It’s compatible with the Xbox live database, and offers a range of options, including PCPS and LANC.

It uses Skype to snag IP addresses

XResolver uses Skype to capture IP addresses and is a free tool available online. Its setup process is easy and you can use it offline as well. If you’re a gamer, you may want to grab an IP address from your Xbox Gamertag to play multiplayer games. This program works with both PS3 and Xbox games and is malware-free.

Webresolver also uses Skype to grab IP addresses and geolocation information. This site has been around for years, is SSL certified, and has a money back guarantee policy. It also offers geolocation data, and can resolve email and database addresses. However, it only accepts PayPal and Bitcoin payments.

xResolver’s service is free to use and is widely available. It allows you to see private information, which could otherwise be inaccessible. Unlike other similar products, it ties a physical network connection to an online identity. If you’re a victim of DDOS attacks, you can use xResolver to identify your opponent’s location.

xResolver also works for Playstation and Xbox gamertags. The service converts them into secured IP addresses. Xresolver also allows you to blacklist an IP address if you’d like to be anonymous and not share the information with others. You can also create custom links to send to other players to access their IP addresses. It also allows you to delete any records that contain your personal information.

Bootyou is another free tool that offers Skype Resolver. It can also use geolocation lookup and phone lookup. It’s secure and has an SSL certificate. Bootyou has a good customer care team that’s available for questions. Despite being free, Bootyou has a huge user base and is a legit tool to grab IP addresses.

Alternatives to Xresolver

XResolver is a good alternative for PlayStation users who want to mask their identity while playing online games. It works by converting a gamertag into an IP address and is safe to use. It works with both PlayStation and Xbox systems and has a user-friendly interface. It is also malware-proof.

To use xResolver, you need a computer with an IP address. You can create one using the “Create New” feature. To protect your privacy, you must register with the site to use its services. Alternatively, you can sign in with your Sony or Microsoft account.

xResolver is available for free as well as a premium version. The premium version costs $7.99/mo. You can pay via credit card, debit card, or CashApp. You can also use xResolver offline. Its IP location finder is a popular tool among gamers. Using it, you can find out who’s using your console and what time zone it is in.

One of the major problems with xResolver is that it can be used by third parties to get private information. It can also be used in DDOS attacks. If you’re a gamer, you should consider an alternative. This will allow you to continue playing online and will protect your privacy.

Another alternative to xResolver is XboxResolver. This tool is specifically for Xbox and PlayStation users. It works by sniffing a gamer’s PSN and Xbox live session to determine the IP address associated with it. It has a good Google rating and costs $3700. It also functions as a VPN service and gathers relevant information from fellow gamers. It is also simple to use. It can identify your opponent in a game and find their gamer tag.

Other alternatives to xResolver include PCPS and Xbox booter. These free apps are easy to use and can pull IP addresses from both Xbox and PS4 systems. Both have been gaining popularity, with over 1.5 million users. Another free alternative to xResolver is Xbox booter. This tool pulls applications to boot other plates, including Xbox and PS4. It can help you install the best VPN.

Legality of using Xresolver

xResolver is an online tool which collects IP addresses and Gamertags of players of online games. It scrapes the internet using thousands of bots to gather the information and then uploads it to its servers. This information is then accessible to anyone who has a vested interest in using it to spy on people. In turn, this leaves a bad taste in the mouth of every online gamer.

xResolver uses your IP address to identify and block malicious websites. Listing an IP address is not illegal, but it should only be done with discretion. There are also options available in the program to prevent blacklisting and malicious use. However, if you are worried about privacy, do not use this tool.

XResolver also gives users the option to manually remove their IP address from the database. You can do this by visiting the official website of xResolver. You can remove your IP manually, or follow the other steps given in the article to avoid being listed. Just remember, that hackers and spies are always looking for the easiest way to steal your information, and not hiding your IP address makes you a target for them. They can easily determine your location and identity if they know your IP address.

One of the major concerns people have about using xResolver is privacy. xResolver requires an IP address for your system. Unfortunately, not everyone has a static IP address, which is why you need to get in touch with your ISP. They will be able to assign you a new IP address.

XResolver is a web-based database that stores IP addresses of online gamers. It can be used to identify and block harmful websites. Some users refer to it as Xbox resolver or PlayStation resolver. Its use is completely legal and can help you protect your privacy.

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The software is available for Windows and works well on PlayStation. It can also be used to decrypt usernames in PlayStation games. By doing this, users can protect their real IP address and prevent themselves from being blacklisted. Its interface is straightforward and easy to use. It offers 24/7 customer support and useful tutorials. Most importantly, it is free of malware and other types of malicious software.

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