March 21, 2023
Football Academy

PDSA (Pravinchandra D Shah Sports Academy) is an advanced sports service in Mumbai for students studying at different institutions of RSET (Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust), which is a registered educational charitable trust in Malad, Mumbai, India. The sports academy stretches across a huge 24,000 sq. ft. area and provides the state-of-the-art infrastructure to expedite various sports such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis.

 At PDSA, students are offered specialized training by a professional sports management company KOOH in Football, Basketball, and Cricket. The all-weather turf for the ground, imported from New Zealand, meets international standards and the sports academy, being the Top sports facility in Mumbai, is considered one of the crown jewels of RSET.

Pravinchandra D Shah Sports Academy (PDSA) is regarded as the best football academy in Mumbai. Their outstanding infrastructure and high-tech facilities help groom young talents. They have highly qualified and experienced trainers and they work with total dedication for the complete development of the players.

Being Mumbai’s best football academy, it organizes matches and tournaments at different levels, which help judge the players’ progress and offer necessary feedback. On the whole, it is a wonderful place for young people to go in for their aspiration of becoming professional footballers.

PDSA – The Football Academy Different from the Other Football Academies

In this football academy, the little football enthusiasts are provided with football training that includes the international style of coaching. These training modules are amusing and engross the children, keeping them on their toes all through, and allowing them to make their own decisions on the ground thus continually sharpening their minds.

Nothing like the regular restrictive style of football coaching in which a coach shows a youngster to move during a game, they allow a kid to make his own decisions and appreciate the game better.    

PDSA – Sports Facility in Mumbai

These days sports education in India is becoming increasingly popular. At the top educational institutes, sports are not only a fun activity for kids to stay active, but they also give rise to their academic, mental, and intellectual development. Hence, sports education not only trains in keeping the physical stamina of students but also improves the habit of obedience, discipline, willpower, etc.

It also cultivates the qualities of leadership, team spirit, tolerance, and more. This further causes the versatile growth of students and emphasizes more on their mental development. The curriculum at the top educational institutes at all echelons comprises sports and physical health improvement. The sports academy offers formal training to improve the skills and aptitudes of students in a specific sport.

Role of sports academy

A sports academy denotes a service that is more engrossed in physical and sports agendas for students. They train students in all the required convolutions of any particular game. They come up with qualified coaches to develop students with the best sports comprehension.

Pravinchandra D Shah Sports Academy is the top choice for those who would like to pick up sports the right way. The academy provides thorough coaching and specialized programs for player development in various sports disciplines comprising football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, etc. The multi-sports academy boasts highly qualified and experienced coaches with multiple certifications. And many of them have experience playing with top professional teams previously.

PDSA – the best sports academy in Mumbai

PDSA offers:

  • Daily session strategies for coaching sessions with regular assessments by the trained coaches
  • Frequent tournaments and practice games for introduction to playing under different conditions
  • Individual player evaluation reports

It is the finest sports facility in Mumbai presenting the precise sports education associated with academics. The sports academy promises to put forward the most excellent sports infrastructure with well-furnished grounds. It proposes the most proficiently run, organized training programs to deliver first-class coaching to its students. The academy provides a steady sports program that makes it different from other sports academies.

The Pravinchandra D.Shah Sports Academy is the best football academy in Mumbai. It is situated in the heart of the city and is easily accessible by public transport. The academy has a team of dedicated and experienced coaches who train the students with utmost dedication. The academy also has a well-equipped ground with all the necessary facilities. The students of the academy have won many competitions and have made the academy proud.

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