March 21, 2023
How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft - Simple Guide for Beginners

How to make an end portal in Minecraft is one of the many challenging things that can be done in this game. You might think that you’re not supposed to do this, but it actually doesn’t matter how you play the game. This method will work for any player who has ever played the vanilla version of the game. Now don’t get me wrong – there have been some modifications made to the game that have caused it to be played a little differently. However, the basic concept is the same. What makes this trick so great is that it will work for any version of the game.

What Is an End Portal and How Does It Work?

Complete the End Portal by adding the Eye of Ender

How to make an end portal in Minecraft is quite simple. Basically, you need to find a stronghold, and then use the portal frame to bring the player right into the End. Remember, once you activate the end portal, there is no way back to the surface except by dying or defeating the Ender Dragon! Once players enter the end, they are trapped.

Range skill for a hunter

To break the trapped cycle, you must find a way to activate the portal. There are two ways to do this: the hard way and the easy way. The hard way is to use levers to activate the portal frames. This requires level one archery and is the equivalent of “range” skill for a hunter. Unfortunately, this is one skill that is only available to players who have reached the end-game.

Place the portal frame block

The easy way is to place the portal frame block directly next to an eye. When the eye detects the presence of a player, it will open, allowing the player to pass through. However, this will not work if there are no eyes in the area. You can also use enchanted books, enchanted cobbles or blocks, or anything that attracts the eye, but this will help with the rare cases where there are none present.

Make the first side faster

It is possible to know how to make an end portal frame to complete the second side faster than the other. You just have to place two more portals at the end. The same process applies, just without having to look for eye after eye. Once you have placed them, use lever or wand to close the portals. When you want to know how to make an end portal frame to make the first side faster, you just need to find a way to place the portals behind the first portal. You do not have to use lever or wand anymore to close them once they have been placed.

Use Eyes of Ender to Find a Stronghold

This should help you know how to make an end portal frame to complete the second side faster. If you know how to use levers and wands, you will be able to know how to make an end portal frame faster without using eyes. To use the levers and wands, you have to first activate them by holding them over the square where the portal is. It is best to use the glowing ones since they will make the portals glow brighter. Then, place them over the portals so that it will be visible.

Portal frame block

The next step in how to make an end portal in minecraft guide is to place one of the cubes at the bottom of the frame. You must place both portals in exactly the same location. The portal should not be visible at the bottom of the frame because you need to place another one above it. When viewing with the W and S keys, make sure the bottom is facing up. The final step is to place another portal frame on top of the frame. After that, the two ender cubes you placed at the bottom should now be able to face each other. If you find alignment issues, you can adjust them with the arrow keys, then move the cursor within the frame. If all goes well, you can now place the 12 eyes on top of the frame while placing the portal frame block.


Making an end portal can be a lot of work, especially in Minecraft’s Survival Mode. It doesn’t just involve finding an end portal and completing it with the Eye of Ender – although once you find a portal in a stronghold it’s a challenging feat in itself. Before you get to that part, you need to do two trickier things: get the ingredients to craft the Eye of Ender and find the nearest stronghold.

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