March 25, 2023
Fun Food Trends In Connecticut weddings

Fun Food Trends In Connecticut weddings

What seems to be the most exciting thing about weddings in Connecticut these days? Food! It has become more than just a way to satiate your guests. It has become a way to impress the arrogant boss. It has become a great way to ensure that everyone is eating the most nutritious and healthy food without compromising on the taste or texture. Weddings have become more fun because the food has become more fun. Care to find out how? Have a look at the following food and drink trends in Connecticut:

Plant-Based Protein

If you have gotten on the vegan bandwagon, you must be aware of plant-based proteins. This is where the trend is headed these days whether it comes to serving appetizers or main courses. Plant-based proteins are a very reliable source of high-quality protein and they taste super delicious as well. People are becoming more and more aware of these options and the preferred dressings include virgin olive oil, thyme sauce, tobacco sauce, basil, and garlic. And yes, who can forget about almond milk and brown sugar mocktails? Totally vegan!

Unique Curated Mocktails

Coming to mocktails! Whether it is a small catering company or a large chain of restaurants in your city, you are bound to come across some unique and frequently curated mocktails. They all have their special menus. These are becoming even more popular than those Irish cocktail that were so popular a few years ago. The most popular ingredients that people prefer these days are fresh lime juice, hibiscus syrup, oodles of mint leaves, cranberry, cucumber pieces, pineapple, and peaches. Mocktail artists come up with new flavors and concoctions practically every day which are becoming insanely popular in weddings across Connecticut.

Cocktail-Infused Chocolate

Liquor-infused chocolates have become a thing of the past. Now people going to weddings prefer personalized chocolate boxes with their favorite cocktails inside. This is where handcrafted chocolates and cocktail-infused desserts come into the picture. Even the boxes customized as per the personality of the recipient. If you are organizing a pre-wedding party, these could be the perfect gifting options for the close ones in your circle.

Individual Appetizer Baskets

Individually wrapped appetizers are also a great way to begin your wedding celebrations. Everyone is still taking care of the social distancing norms throughout the world. If you want to practice the same during your celebrations, you can invest in individual appetizer takeaways for your guests that are seated at a safe distance from everyone else. That’s right. As you plan your seating arrangement for all your guest parties and groups, you can also decide upon personalized and individually packed appetizers and desserts for every table. You will have to work closely with your catering professional to deliver this kind of personalized service.

Live Cooking Stations

This is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for a long time. Live cooking stations are here to stay because your wedding guests prefer to watch as their appetizers and the main course get prepared. They want to smell the fresh aroma and taste the hot piping deliciousness of their food the moment it is cooked. It is also a great way to keep your guests occupied throughout the night, especially when the band bails out. And who says that you have to limit these cooking stations to 1 or 2? You can have as many live cooking stations as you want. You can have an interactive Japanese cooking stall, a colorful juice and fresh fruit salad bar, a mocktail mixer stand, and so much more!

Give Them A Private Chef Experience

This is also one of the most amazing food trends on the rise. You can give separate guest tables their own private chefs and butlers. They can put together a personalized tasting session/menu for everyone on that table. That is going to be an unforgettable experience for everyone in your family and close friends. It is also a fantastic way for couples to make their wedding memorable and stand apart from any wedding party that their guests may attend or have attended in the past. You can have them create specialized appetizers and customized desserts for everyone at your party.

Specialty Desserts With Edible Flowers

People are going crazy for online flowers delivery in Canada and with their wedding menus as well. The good news is that if you have anyone obsessed with flowers at your wedding party, you should be glad you have a long lineup of edible flowers to choose from. These can go in your cocktails, mocktails, main courses, and desserts. If you have heard of Jasmine Tea, get ready to play a little with rose petals, lavender extract, and a lot more. You will have to work closely with your caterer to make sure that the wedding flowers used for decoration are easily incorporated into the plating and as many food servings as possible.

Locally Sourced Menu

Another wedding food trend on the rise is that of locally sourced items. Whether it is a vegetarian menu or a mixed menu that you are planning for your wedding, make sure that all the items, ingredients, foods, and beverages sourced from local markets only. You can also turn your entire wedding menu into something a little more regional. That’s right. Couples are going for hyper-regional menus as well ditching the overly done continental food with bland and colorless ingredients.

Vegan Menu

Yes, we talked about it before but not at length. More and more people are choosing a vegan diet as compared to any other nutrition plan. This is making vegan foods more mainstream. People have started to eat for the weather as well. Remember, vegan does not mean Tofu and steamed veggies only. It means a lot of things and it could easily include a Lentil Bolognese, whole roasted cauliflower, vegan tacos, vegan shepherd’s pie, spaghetti, and plant “meatballs”, and the list is practically endless. Along with food there is online cake delivery in Canada also available.

We Haven’t Even Scratched The Surface Yet

There is so much breakfast food and flavor to discover, especially in the wedding menus of today. This was only a time-bound attempt at briefing you on what is going on out there. Stay tuned for more trivia and interesting food trends in our next installment. 

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