June 1, 2023

If you’re unable to open your TikTok following feed, you’re not alone. This problem can be caused by a number of different factors. The first reason could be that the app is not refreshing properly. In this case, you may need to force-close and reopen the app. While this is a temporary fix, it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll be able to open your feed again. In addition, you’ll run the risk of having your account blocked for spam.


One of the most frustrating problems that some users have encountered with TikTok is the inability to view their followers’ content. This problem is caused by various issues, and can keep you from following new users and accessing the latest videos in their following feeds. To resolve this issue, there are several possible solutions that you can try.

The first method is to go to the settings tab of the TikTok app and select “Followers.” Once there, look for the option that says “Open My TikTok Following Feed.” This will allow you to see who follows you and who follows them. This way, you can choose whom you want to follow.

Another way to access your TikTok following list is to use your computer. To do this, you must first open your TikTok account. Next, click “For You” and then “Followers.” Once there, you’ll be able to see the list of people you follow. You can also sort this list by who you’ve followed recently, or by the most recent.

If someone you follow is not following you back, it’s easy to remove them from your list. Just click the “Unfollow” button on their profile. The unfollowed person will no longer appear in your feed and you won’t receive notifications from them. If you’d like to keep communicating with them, you can always follow them again.

The algorithm behind the For You feed works differently than that of TikTok’s previous algorithms. For example, you may not see videos that you want to watch as often as you’d like. However, if you’ve watched a lot of videos, you’re more likely to be seen by those creators. The algorithm looks at how often you watch a video and whether you engage with it.


If you are using TikTok, you may want to unfollow some people from your following feed. Unfollowing people is as simple as clicking the Following button underneath your avatar. After you’ve clicked it, they’ll disappear from your following feed. You can also manually unfollow a large number of accounts at a time. Be aware that TikTok can be a little slow, so you may need to wait for the action to take effect. Moreover, you won’t get a notification when you do it, so you’ll have to check your followers individually.

Unfollowing someone does not delete their comments, videos, downloaded videos, or likes. It also doesn’t mean you can’t still follow them, even though they’ve unfollowed you. Regardless of their status, your TikTok videos remain valid. You can follow them back if you want to, but you must be careful to prevent excessive “arrogance” or over-promotion. You should unfollow periodically to keep your following feed balanced and protect your account from being shadowbanned.

While it’s important to unfollow people from your following feed, you also need to unfollow people who follow you. If you follow too many people, you might risk getting banned, and it’s not recommended to follow more than one person at a time. You can also unfollow multiple people by using third-party apps. The most popular app is FuelTok, which allows you to remove a large number of people from your following list without shadowbanning yourself.

A third-party app, called Followers Analyzer, can also help you find out who your followers have unfollowed. With this application, you can see who’s unfollowing you and why. The app will also show you if their content has disappeared from your feed.

Once you’ve found a list of users that you don’t want to follow, you can go to their profiles and click on the unfollow button. You can also view their videos on their profile pages.

Fixing empty following page

If you have noticed that your following page on TikTok is empty in 2022, there are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem. First, you need to make sure that the app is running correctly. You can do this by checking if it is available for updates. You can also check if there are known issues.

Another thing that can cause the empty following page on TikTok is a bad network connection. You must have a high-speed internet connection to be able to use the application. If your internet connection is not stable, try logging out and logging back into the app.

Another simple way to fix an empty following page on TikTok is to log in with your account credentials. You can do this by using your email and password. If you still can’t log in, try clearing your cache. This will fix the problem and allow you to see your followers again.

Secondly, you need to make sure that your TikTok app is up to date. This will prevent any ongoing processes from corrupting your data. Also, if your TikTok app is outdated, you can update the latest version from the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Once you have updated the application, make sure to test the app again to see if the error still persists. If it does, check your internet connection and make sure that it is not bad.

In some cases, the following page is empty and not updating, which is the most common problem for users on TikTok. If this is the case, there are several things you can try. Clearing your cache data, closing and relaunching your app, restarting your device, and contacting TikTok support may resolve the problem for you.

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