March 27, 2023

If you’re interested in learning more about YSL’s Black Opium, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you information about the scent and bottle design of the perfume. You’ll also learn about the fragrance’s special qualities.

YSL Black Opium

The first YSL Black Opium perfume was released in 2015. It was the face of the brand’s new fragrance line and became a huge hit immediately. The fragrance is described as dark and fruity with coffee as its main ingredient, but it is not overpowering. Its scent profile starts with fresh ripe pears, then moves to notes of nutty almonds and orange, which are layered with a soft floral. It finishes with a rich, sweet gourmand scent that is both sensual and balanced.

The YSL Black Opium fragrance has a warm erotic scent that is suitable for date nights. It stays on your skin for seven hours, which makes it perfect for evenings out with your partner. However, it is best worn at night. Its sultry ambiance is not recommended for daytime wear.

Black Opium is a popular perfume among women who want a sophisticated scent with an exotic and sophisticated feel. It is a long-lasting scent and will make your skin smell fabulous for hours. It is a great choice for a date night or an evening at the office.

Black Opium is a classic scent and is one of the best-selling fragrances at the moment. However, it can be very expensive. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a single fragrance, you can find an affordable dupe on

Black Opium by YSL is a rich and luxurious fragrance with notes of vanilla, black coffee, and white flowers. The scent is available online and at most department stores. This perfume is inspired by the Egyptian goddess Isis, and was popular until Chanel’s death in 1971. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after fragrances ever created.

About the scent and design

If you love the iconic scent of YSL, you’ll want to try the new YSL Black Opium Dossiers. These scents are known for being rich, luxurious and sensual. With coffee undertones and floral notes, they are sure to appeal to women who like to wear something different from their normal fragrance. YSL Black Opium Dossiers are available at an affordable price, and they also come in a minimalist bottle.

YSL Black Opium is a bold and seductive fragrance that continues to be a popular fragrance among women. Zoe Kravitz is the muse of YSL Black Opium, and the scent is incredibly long-lasting and warm.

The bottle is black with black glitter and sequins, and it has a sexy pink center. The black opium fragrance is made to be worn by women in different settings. It’s available in Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum variations.

YSL Black Opium is a long-lasting perfume that will last for hours. It also reduces body odor and creates an attractive aura around you. It’s affordable and can be used anywhere, too. Its size, price, and design make it a great option for most women.

A black Opium Eau de Parfum is a sweet and fruity blend with a bold coffee aroma. It also features ultra white flowers and patchouli, which convey an impression of power and excitement. The black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense version combines a stronger coffee note with a deep touch of Blue Absinth.

The Black Opium has several variations

Black Opium is a rich, sensual fragrance with coffee undertones. It also contains sweet floral notes and vanilla and patchouli. The base is a blend of vanilla and patchouli, making the scent sweet and creamy. It is stimulating but not overwhelming. The fragrance is a versatile choice and is available in several variations.

The original scent was called Opium. It was a provocative, warm perfume and was the brand’s heritage scent. It continued to shine until 2014, when it was replaced by Black Opium. It is a fresh, long-lasting perfume, and it embodies the essence of femininity. Zoe Kravitz was the muse for this fragrance, which has become one of the hottest fragrances in the world. It also has a comforting aroma that lasts long.

There are several variations of YSL Black Opium. Some of the fragrances are similar, while others have their own unique notes. YSL Black Opium is an affordable fragrance that is made with quality ingredients. Its floral, woody, and spicy notes will capture the attention of anyone who smells it.

Dossier does not use animal testing and sources all of its ingredients from local producers in Grasse. Dossier also donates all of their returns to a charity. In addition to the YSL Black Opium version, Dossier also offers an Ambery Vanilla version that is very similar to the original.

The black Opium Eau de Parfum Extreme and Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense fragrances have different fragrances. Black Opium Eau de Parfum Extreme has a fruity note and super white flowers, while Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intight combines strong black coffee with Blue Absinthe for a powerful fragrance.

Special qualities of the perfume

YSL Black Opium is an intensely scented perfume that is both evocative and addictive. It shares key notes with coffee, patchouli, pear, and vanilla. The perfume is long-lasting and is a perfect match for those who want a fragrance that lasts for the day. The fragrance also comes in a rich Eau de Parfum version, which combines coffee and vanilla.

Black Opium is available in 30 ml and 50 ml bottles. A 30 ml bottle costs EUR56.25 and a 50 ml bottle costs EUR80.25. The larger 90 ml or 3 oz bottles cost EUR105 and $128, respectively. YSL does not sell the scent in the United States, but it is available in the UK. The perfume is sold at House of Fraser, Boots, and Selfridges.

Black Opium is more of a winter scent than a summer one. High humidity will render it gross and will ruin the fragrance. The fragrance is best used as an everyday fragrance during the winter but is also appropriate for date nights. However, it must be applied sparingly in a classroom or office environment.

Black Opium is a unique fragrance with many different mixes of ingredients. The original YSL Black Opium has a base of black coffee, which is energizing. The black coffee base is complemented by the rich notes of vanilla and patchouli. The fragrance also has a sweet fig base.

YSL Black Opium is a unique perfume with a dark, sweet note. It’s not subtle, but it constantly projects raw power. As such, it’s not a fragrance for those who want to be passive or conservative. It comes in two variations: Eau de Parfum Intense. You can also purchase a gift set featuring both scents.

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YSL Black Opium has a sexy fragrance that is reminiscent of a dark and seductive woman. It starts with espresso notes and quickly transitions into vanilla and patchouli at the base. It’s a sensuous, edgy scent that makes you feel erthy and mysterious.

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