March 23, 2023

Advantachart is a small business based in Prospect, Kentucky. It specializes in various business processes that are related to computer software and accessories. This small business has been around for 21 years and generates revenues of $297,652 annually. It employs 5 people in its single location. Moreover, it is a woman-owned business.

AdvantaChart is a practice management module

AdvantaChart is a practice-management module designed specifically for small to medium-sized medical practices. Its core features include clinical charting, E&M coding, prescription writing, appointment scheduling, and document management. Additionally, it can be integrated with other EMR solutions to streamline the flow of data within the office. It is also available at an affordable price.

The windows-based electronic medical records application is easy to use and incorporates advanced technologies. Its user-friendly screens allow users to document on a laptop, tablet, or desktop workstation. This application also incorporates the ACOG Antepartum record. The software is reliable and secure, and can be used by a variety of medical practices.

AdvantaChart is an affordable practice management module that focuses on the needs of medical practices. The program allows doctors to access patient charts anytime they need them. It also lets them issue electronic prescriptions. These prescriptions are ready by the time a patient arrives at the pharmacy.

It is affordable

AdvantaChart is an affordable, specialty-specific EHR and practice management software. It can reduce the amount of time spent searching for charts, as well as eliminating the need to transport and store charts in multiple locations. Additionally, it allows you to store your patient data in one secure location. Whether you have a large practice or a small one, this software can help you be more productive.

It has e-prescription module

AdvantaChart has a powerful e-prescription module that allows doctors to send prescriptions to patients electronically. Its interface allows providers to enter a patient’s information and e-prescriptions are typically ready when the patient arrives at the pharmacy. This feature is designed for small to mid-sized medical practices and supports a variety of specialties.

AdvantaChart has an easy-to-use windows-based electronic medical record (EMR) application with e-prescription module. The software enables providers to document patient data using a tablet, laptop, or desktop workstation. Its workflow process is designed to match the workflow processes for Internal Medicine specialties and also includes the ACOG Antepartum record. The software is secure and reliable, making it ideal for a variety of medical practices.

Most Relevant Software

Kareo EMR Review

Kareo offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) for independent medical practices. so offers a user-friendly interface, mobile capabilities, and integrated telehealth platforms. this can also be used to generate e-prescriptions. It can be used for monitoring patients’ symptoms and diagnosing conditions.

Interface that is user-friendly

The intuitive interface of Kareo EMR makes it simple to perform most tasks. You can set up new appointments, assign patients and schedule recurring appointments. You can attach patient intake forms. This allows the patient to automatically fill in the necessary information when they arrive for their appointment. It also includes features such as telemedicine, detailed billing, and management of insurance claims.

The dashboard is intuitive and resembles a social media feed. There are no confusing buttons or menus. Chart multiple patients simultaneously. You can also order labs electronically. This makes it easy for busy doctors. Support is available from 8 a.m. ET. They are available to answer your questions at 8 a.m. ET. You can also get help from written and video materials. Although Kareo’s user-friendly interface is a big selling point, there are still some flaws.

Mobile-based capabilities

Kareo eMR, a mobile-based tool that provides powerful tools for physicians’ offices, is the Kareo eMR. It integrates high-performance billing as well as Practice Management solutions. It offers marketing solutions that will help you build a positive online reputation. Kareo’s marketing solutions can help you reach your goals, whether you want to promote your practice or a new service.

The Kareo EHR offers a user-friendly interface. The software also integrates with First Databank, which ensures the most up-to-date medication information. The software also double-checks for possible drug interactions and allergies.

Telehealth platform integrated

Kareo, a telehealth platform that integrates doctors and other health professionals, is suitable for any size practice. It makes it easy to schedule appointments and access patient data. You can filter your calendars by day or week and add medical equipment and patient information. You can color code your appointments. They can also easily reschedule appointments using a drag-and drop tool.

Kareo is a leader in cloud-based business and clinical management software. The company has recently increased its telehealth offerings. The Weichman Clinic now has the ability to treat patients from distant locations while still providing continuity of care.

Approved to e-prescriptions

E-prescriptions can be a great way for patients to manage their medication and streamline the refill process. To request a refill, patients can send an email or text message to their doctor. This reduces paperwork. E-prescriptions allow the provider to view the entire medication history of the patient, which reduces the chance of adverse drug reactions.

Kareo eMR software has been approved for electronic prescriptions. This allows health care providers to electronically send prescriptions to local pharmacies. Surescripts has also certified the program for electronic renewals.


Kareo EMR software is intuitive and features-rich. The charting capabilities allow physicians to quickly navigate through their clinical notes. It is relatively affordable compared to other medical software packages. The cost of the software depends on how you use it, whether you need training, data migration, or how customized you want it to your particular practice. Hardware and maintenance are also included in the cost. Kareo provides premium support if you have any problems with the software.

Kareo’s cost depends on how many users you have and which providers you use. Monthly subscriptions cost $199 per month. Prices can change frequently. Before you purchase, make sure to check for price changes. Also, be sure to check for additional fees.

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