March 23, 2023
Why Dedicated Servers in Germany Are Better Than Shared Servers?

When your website grows its a time to move through an advance and powerful server. There are many options available for this situation so you can move through another server. For upgrading the server you have a proper reason such as increasing the website traffic or the current server cannot fulfill website requirements. In this situation, dedicated servers Germany are a better and ideal option instead of a shared server. This server is an ideal option because they give strong security, fulfills all the website requirements, and creates a positive impact on the websites.  

Here in this post, we discuss some reasons why you choose a dedicated server other than a shared server. So let’s start!

Reasons to Choose a Germany Dedicated Server Instead of Shared Server

Reasons to Choose a Germany Dedicated Server Instead of Shared Server

A dedicated server is a type of physical server that is completely dedicated to a single server. In simple words, we can say a client has full control over the server. And can optimize according to the website’s needs. In the article, there are eight reasons why a dedicated server in Germany is a better option than a shared server. 

A Dedicated Server is More Secure Than Shared Server 

You know that in the shared server there are multiple websites that are hosted and for this reason, hackers can hack the website easily. But in the dedicated server, only one website is hosted and there will be a high level of security. You have the authority to install additional security software for the extra layer of reliability to your server.  

In the dedicated servers Germany there are fewer chances that your website are hacked or confidential and sensitive data are shared with someone. This server comes with DDOS protection, IP address blocking, and other server security features. 

It is One of The Most Expensive Server

You know that in a single server only a single website is hosted on the dedicated server Germany. When we compare the cost of a dedicated server to a shared server it is 15 times more than a shared server. It offers advanced options that why this is expensive. Whereas in a shared server only limited features you will enjoy why a shared server is less expensive in comparison to a dedicated server. 

The Dedicated Server Hosting Germany Provides Fast Load Times

Website speed plays an impotant role from an SEO point of view. And website speed is a feature that a user can notice. Suppose a website takes more time to load the pages than a user can’t wait they can leave the site and go through your competitor’s website. And this will increase the bounce rate and affects the website image. 

When you buy a dedicated server Germany then this will load the pages fastly even in high traffic also. Whereas in the shared server only limited resources are used for a website and this will affect website speed and overall performance. 

A Dedicated Servers Germany Can be Used For a Variety of Purposes 

Companies and organizations are used a dedicated server for multiple purposes such as running sensitive software, setting up a high-traffic website, running an internet website, implementing a dedicated firewall, hosting multiple websites, and hosting private clouds. Those websites that require more resources without sharing this is one of the common use of the dedicated server. 

This Server Can be Configured by The Individual Who Has The Ability to do so

You should consider dedicated servers Germany if you have technical experience and are able to manage the server alone. When you buy a dedicated server Germany you will get full control over the entire server and you have the authority to choose an operating system, additional software, etc. 

A Dedicated Servers in Germany Allows You to Access All Resources of the Server

A dedicated server does not share the server resources between the website. Whereas in the shared server there is an allocation of resources between a website. 

So if you use entire server resources then you definitely buy a Dedicated server. 

Dedicated Servers Provide High Bandwidth For Your Hosting Needs

Basically, bandwidth is a measurement of how much information can be sent through a wireless communication link in a given period of time. A Dedicated Server in Germany gives you the authority to choose the bandwidth you want. Whereas in the shared server only limited bandwidth is used by a website because it is shared between a website. 

The Dedicated Servers Germany is Faster and More Reliable Than Shared Server 

The performance of one server will depend on the technologies used, such as SSD drives, cashing software, CDNs, etc. To attract new customers and increases traffic website performance plays an important role. A Dedicated server is a faster and more reliable server that gives more resources like RAM and CPU etc. On Shared Hosting servers, multiple clients share the same hardware, which can only be used to some extent.


In a Dedicated server, you have an option of choosing the type of dedicated server. There are two types of dedicated servers one is managed and the second one is unmanaged. An unmanaged dedicated server is suitable for those who have the technical knowledge and time to maintain the server because this is the owner’s responsibility. And in the managed dedicated server the server maintenance responsibilities are fulfilled by a web hosting Company. In the above article, there are eight reasons why will you choose dedicated servers Germany. When we talk about which server is best when a website is entered into the growing phase or receives more traffic then the best and most suitable option is to choose a dedicated server. 

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