March 23, 2023

A construction project is a perfect example of teamwork. Without having a good team spirit, you will never achieve the target on time. the construction team comprises a lot of members having discrete duties. The workers, who perform all the jobs on the construction site, the subcontractors, who assist the manager, and finally the construction supervisor who monitors everything. 

The construction manager is responsible for selecting the team member. So, he must be smart enough to take the right crew on board. Selecting the subcontractor is the most challenging of all the hiring. The managers need to be very careful as the subs would be working along with you on the entire project.

Let’s have look at some useful tips on how to choose the right and skilled subcontractors for the project.

1. Do not get tricked with a low bid

When you advertise for the subcontractors, you will get multiple bids from the subcontractors including heavy equipment dealers. However, you need to be very careful in this stage. Some people will bid way lower to attract and grab the project. But you need to look for several factors besides the low bidding. 

The skills, professionalism, track record, and knowledge are more important to the potential subcontractors. Always try to take a prequalification test of the subcontractors to know in detail about them. you may also set an interview with them to know how much knowledge they have about their work. 

2. See the financial stability 

Sometimes the subcontractors take on multiple projects but cannot fulfill the requirement of all. As a result, they make a default on all projects and may fall into a financial crisis. To evaluate their financial stability, ask about their record of work from them. Check how much work they have completed successfully in the past. Also, check their bids and budget management in the project. You can also ask for the gross earnings for the past three years. See how they manage the team members. All these things will be enough to tell you about their financial status and budget management skills. 

3. Look for the references

Every time you look for a subcontractor or dealer of equipment like used trucks for sale, ask for references from them. the reference may be any authentic and potential contact to whom you may take the review about them. take out a moment and call the provided references and ask about the credibility of the subcontractor. 

Prepare a list of some potential contacts to ask the referees. You should not forget this step at any cost. Further, the credibility of the reference is also important. You may also ask from the previous client and the workers of the subs about their working behaviors.

4. Look for safety records

Safety behaviors are another important thing to ask from the subs. In this case, you can ask the sub about OSHA 300 and 300A for one year. This document is the record of the accidents and incidents that happened previously. These records will tell you how many safety precautions and measures were taken by them. you can also ask some questions regarding the safety measures of their work. 

Also, you may ask about their Experience Modification rate (EMR). This is the number given to the contractors based on their safety levels. If this number exceeds 1.0 then the safety level of that person is below average. Whereas a number below 1.0 indicates a higher safety level. These parameters and checklists will help you get the best and most potential subcontractors.

5. Examine their quality control process

Work quality is everything that matters in the end. Ask your subcontractors to present a work plan and quality control measures so that you can evaluate how professional they are in their work. The plan must include which technique and method they will use to carry out the work. The document must have a plan to manage their team members to get quality work. 

6. Sign a contract

The most important part of the process is to sign a bind and contract. Once you evaluate the sub’s credibility, then close the deal on a contract. Include the clause in the contract on which you both agree. Include some points that can prevent conflict in the future. This will help you to work professionally and no one can betray the other in any case.

7. Build a good relationship

Once you find a potential candidate and work partner, do not lose them. make a good working relationship with them on the site so that you can both work together in the future as well. During this time, do not forget to monitor their work for satisfactory results because the project command is still in your hand and you should not take any risk. 

Bottom line

The construction managers struggle a lot to find good and potential subcontractors including heavy equipment dealers for the construction equipment like used trucks for sale. The professional and skilled subs can bring efficiency and productivity to the project. Finding a qualified and trustworthy subcontractor might be tricky. Read this article and know the simple tips to hire professional subcontractors for your project.

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