March 23, 2023
Cherry Cakes

The best thing about a cake is that it has large varieties, flavors, and shapes. The different types of cakes grab people’s attention. Cakes online are a dessert on any occasion. Whether it be a birthday Party, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, success Party, or any other event – cake is a must.

Nowadays, people even cut cakes on occasions like Janmashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi, Diwali, New year, Valentine’s Day, and so on. The demand for Cake has increased so that people cut cakes on every occasion they celebrate. This also has increased the demand for cakes. 

You can get every raw material used to prepare cakes to form Century Foods.

There are various types of cakes available in the market, like black forest, chocolate, truffle, chocolate, marble, pinata cake, blueberry cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, and many more. Surprising someone with Cake on their special occasion makes them feel more special. Who would not love a customized cake on a special occasion? No one is right. 

Cakes Trend

Nowadays, a few trendy and customized cakes will grab your attention. You can customize your cake in such a way as Animated cakes, princesses, Rasmalai cakes, and many more. You can add your personalized flavors and a cake you want, like Gulab Jamun, cake, Rasmalai, caramel, cake, and many more. These flavors make a cake more delicious, and of the taste you like. 

Making someone feel happy will make you feel more comfortable. We all want our special ones to be happy. Seeing them happy gives us a different level of satisfaction. So why not grab an opportunity by sending cakes online and make our loved ones feel happier by surprising them with Cake on their special occasions? 

People from different age groups always like the cake. You might not be able to choose their favorite flavor, but you will select the one-day like. Choosing a favorite flavor for your loved ones might sometimes be confusing. But don’t worry. We have an exclusive variety of cakes available, and you can also customize them based on taste, size, and shape.

Here are some most common cakes liked by everyone, and a description is given below:

Black forest cakes: 

This cake combines vanilla and chocolate flavor as the icing is vanilla. The bread contains chocolate flavor with some cherries on the top and chocolate sprinkles around. This cake is a perfect birthday surprise for a person who likes the combination of vanilla and chocolate. 

Chocolate Truffle Cake: 

This cake is only based on chocolate flavor. The bread and cream used in this cake are only chocolate based. This makes this cake a perfect surprise for someone obsessed over chocolates. You can also add some designs and sprinkles over this cake to make it look more attractive and customize it with the type of shape you want.

Coffee chocolate cakes: 

This cake is a combination of chocolate and coffee which makes this cake a unique variety of cake. Again, this is a perfect surprise for someone who loves coffee and chocolate. 

Vanilla blueberry cake: 

This cake is a combination of two flavors that is vanilla and blueberry. This cake will be loved by people who like berries with a touch of Vanilla. This is also set to be a perfect wedding cake flavor. Usually, people prefer this flavor for wedding cakes.

You might also get confused about what customization you should go for. Don’t worry. We will help you out with that too. 

Here is a brief description of what customizations you can choose:

Animated cakes:

These kinds of cakes are based on cartoons or any animated character. For example, Cinderella, kung fu panda, Spiderman, Iron Man, princess, and many more. Generally, these Animated Cakes are ordered to celebrate the birthdays of kids. Kids are obsessed with animated characters, and such Cakes draw their attention more toward the cake.

Hammer cake: 

This cake comes with a heart covering on the exterior and a small cake inside. So you have to break the hard surface with the help of the hammer and then enjoy the cake inside it. Both the exterior and interior parts of the cake are edible. You can also hide a gift inside the hard exterior and surprise your loved ones. 

Now that you have understood everything about Cake, you can send cakes to your loved ones through online mode. You don’t have to visit the Cake store to buy the cake. Instead, you can order it. Online cake delivery in Noida is available. Complete all your occasions with a cake and celebrate to the fullest. 

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