March 21, 2023
Fog Essentials hoodie

Fear of God has built a name for itself around the fashion industry as this unlikely brand that scaled the giant odds and became something that goes toe to toe with the biggest brands in the industry. Though the growth of Fear of God stayed underground for a while as Jerry Lorenzo worked on building the brand into something that could serve as a game-changer. Jerry Lorenzo worked for years, investing thousands upon thousands of dollars into the Fear of God venture.
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The influence of the Fog Essentials Hoodie brand came to Jerry Lorenzo from two different sources. Religion and vintage punk style. Growing up in a deeply religious household, Lorenzo grew up with the fear of God instilled within him. And so, as he built his brand from the ground up, the Fear of God moniker seemed natural to include.
The second sense of influence for his clothing line comes from vintage pun/rebellious aesthetics. With inspirations like The Breakfast Club’s John Bender, NBA star Allen Iverson, and of course, Kurt Cobain from Nirvana. Stylistic influences can evolve throughout the progression of a brand but Jerry Lorenzo has achieved his success by keeping true to the roots of his inspiration. Fear Of God Hoodies are the most

Papular in the world.

Though Lorenzo claims that, despite his inspirations, his brand is not some direct advertisement of his faith or the punk era of the late 20th century. He claims that his brand is an amalgam of things and those two just happen to be a part of it.
Another aspect that has evolved into Lorenzo’s designs is minimalism and simplicity. In a world of designs getting ever more complicated, he prefers to keep things simple.
All this combined into him joining Kanye West’s team back in the day. When Fear of God’s first collection dropped, Kanye saw it and liked it. That collaboration lasted three years.
For a brand that was selling clothes at the prices they were selling and then selling out, it might seem like there was no need for it. But the customer demand was there. And the fat needed trimming. So, Lorenzo got working on the essentials line, which brought the same kind of fashion but stripped down and was


Without sacrificing any aesthetics, the essentials have brought a new aspect to hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans. The colors of the essential line are as sharp as ever. The quality of the clothing and the fabric is as impressive as it should be. It seems like there is no way that the essentials line lacks anything. He does not describe himself as a designer or innovator, rather he remixes what already exists into new forms.
Fear of God’s Essentials line has, therefore, gained a lot of notoriety. Revitalization into the fashion industry, and the essentials line to be his injection. His 7th collection launch highlights his evolution from a self-taught new guy to someone who has taken the bull of the fashion industry by the horns.

endeared himself to the general public.  To And yet his mindset remains simple.
Even today, when it comes to his approach to clothing, he looks at the silhouette and how it can look good. It is an approach that has given him a unique perspective on everything.


Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Essentials brand has evolved into something that is taking the Post-Covid fashion industry by storm. The colors of the Fog Essentials hoodies, t-shirts, jeans. The fitting, the silhouette, the quality of the fabric, all that has combined into something that is a testament to Lorenzo’s struggles, his inspirations, his ideology, and the background from which he hailed.

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