March 21, 2023

Draw a cartoon monster in just six easy steps! Many people love the feeling of being scared, and stories of all kinds of scary things have remained popular ever since we started telling stories. Many types of terrifying creatures populate these horror stories, and now you can create your own when you learn how to draw a cartoon monster! draw cartoon

This guide will show you how to create a fun and imaginative take on a monster without getting overwhelmed with details and proportions. So get ready to download this step-by-step guide on drawing a cartoon monster in just six easy steps! You will soon discover that downloading this drawing will not be a terrifying experience.

How To Draw A Cartoon Monster – Allows Contact Begun!

Step 1

It’s an excellent design we’re going to create in this tutorial, and we’ll start with the head and horns in this first step of drawing cartoon monsters. The head is what we’ll start with, and you can start with a simple curved line. This will then have a few spiky lines on the top of the head for a tuft of hair. Next, we will draw large rounded horns on the sides of the head. These will be tall and thick and will extend from some curved bases. Finally, add some small round ears under the horns, then draw texture lines on them.

Step 2: Remove more of the front and measure the arrows.

We will add a lot in this second step of our how to draw a cartoon monster guide! This step will start with a large eye. It will be a rounded shape you can draw freehand, as it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle. There will also be curved lines above and below. The curved line above will also have a pointed fur shaft above for a kind of eyebrow. Finally, we’ll add some thick, short, rounded arms to the sides. Each will have furry details with large pointed claws at the ends. Finish it with another curved line for the cheek, and then we can move on.

Step 3: Then, remove the jaws and region of his cupboard.

This monster is starting to come together now! In this step, we will remove his mouth and chest. Starting from its mouth, it will be a curved line under the eye. There will be a thick lip, which you can draw with a curved line, and under it, there will be a prominent chin. Next, we’ll finish this mouth off by adding large, pointed teeth to the mouth. The chest and back will be drawn using simple curved lines with a few equally simple details inside.

Step 4: Now, draw his legs.

You can add legs to your cartoon monster drawing in this fourth step of the guide. The legs will be drawn using relatively simple curved lines, and the sides will have a few smaller pointy parts. Then the feet will be reasonably flat with rounded toes. You will notice that the right foot has a small gap. The reason for this will become apparent in the next step, where we add the final details!

Step 5: Final Count Points to Your Graphic

In this part of our guide on how to draw a cartoon monster, we’ll add some final details and touches to prepare you for the last step. This will also be the step where you can add some extra information and your ideas! First, we are going to give this magnificent monster a tail. This will be drawn using a few more curved lines and curl inwards. The end of the tail will have bushy fur, which will cover the space left in the previous step. Finally, draw rounded triangular tips on the tail to finish it off! Now is the time to add any extra details you might like about this monster. We think drawing a background he could be in would be a lot of fun.

Step 6: Finish the drawing with color.

It’s time to finish this monster with paint! Since this is an imaginary design, you can use any color you can think of. Our reference image used a primarily red color scheme to give it a warm look. We changed the hues and color intensity to give it depth and texture. This is our interpretation of this.

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