March 28, 2023
Cloud Hosting Providers

In the event that your website has outgrown your present hosting company, cloud web hosting can be the best option. Cloud hosting allows you to distribute your data over numerous servers rather than just one.

This purchasing guide will discuss cloud hosting and its advantages. We’ll look over the top 10 cloud hosting services to assist you to decide which one to choose.

Cloud hosting plans resemble virtual private server (VPS) web hosting packages in that you pay a specific amount of web space, RAM, CPU time, and bandwidth from the outset. However, these resources are distributed over several devices rather than just one, and modifying your plan later – adding another gig of RAM, for example – is usually as simple as shifting a slider, with the extra power becoming available within seconds.

Cloud hosting is still not for everyone, and tiny, simple websites are probably better off with standard services. However, the technology has a lot to offer anyone working on larger or more ambitious projects, and many hosts provide free trials that let you test their capabilities for yourself.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

These are the best cloud hosting providers in 2022

  • Nexcess Cloud Hosting is the best for eCommerce websites.
  • SiteGround – The best cloud hosting service for resource scaling
  • A2 Hosting is the fastest cloud hosting provider.

Nexcess – Great for Ecommerce Websites

  • Liquid Web provides Nexcess web hosting services. Nexcess has been highlighted for its outstanding hosting services.
  • They offer managed Magento, WooCommerce, and WordPress hosting, along with other CMS services. They are therefore ideal for growing eCommerce sites.
  • They also offer a great cloud hosting solution that is perfect for growing businesses. They offer a wide range of plans, each with a different CMS.
  • Nexcess is the ideal cloud host for expanding businesses that want to rapidly scale up their expansion.
  • Nexcess Cloud Accelerator has been a favorite tool of mine. This layer sits on top of the cloud stack, speeding up load times. This means your website will be more attractive and faster for visitors.
  • You can also call them 24/7 for technical support to help you with your business’s problems or to switch programs.

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DreamHost is the best option for developers’ projects.

  • DreamHost is the industry’s most simple cloud setup. In less than 30 seconds, your cloud servers will be up and running.
  • DreamHost cloud is better suited for developers than for general users. It supports web pages as well as web applications and testing.
  • You can use the DevOps tools you already know. DreamHost grants you full root access, giving you complete control of your cloud servers.
  • DreamHost’s best feature is that you only pay for what you use. Resources will be charged hourly depending on how large your server is.
  1. Server with 512 MB RAM = $0.0075 an hour (up to $4.50 per month)
  2. Server with 2GB RAM — $0.02 an hour (maximum $12 per month).
  3. Server with 8GB RAM — $0.08 an hour (up to $48 a month)

SiteGround is the best choice for scaling resources.

  • SiteGround offers fully managed cloud hosting that is optimized for Google infrastructure. SiteGround offers auto-updates and tools to simplify website management. It also has optimized servers and an auto-scaling feature that helps keep your site running even when traffic spikes unexpectedly.
  • These strategies can be completely managed. They manage your account for yourself.
  • SiteGround takes care of your hosting’s IT. SiteGround takes care of all aspects of your website, so you can spend your time on other things. Siteground’s speed is excellent, as well as its performance. Each cloud hosting plan comes with the SG Optimizer plugin, and a customized PHP configuration to increase performance.
  • SiteGround cloud subscriptions include an Automatic Scaling function that prevents traffic loss or downtime.

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A2 Hosting is the fastest cloud hosting provider.

  • A2 Hosting offers some of the most reliable hosting services.
  • They do not offer cloud hosting but they do offer VPS hosting with dedicated server resources. A2’s Turbo plans offer a fully optimized hosting solution that is 20x faster than standard cloud packages.
  • Monthly plans start at $5, $10, or $15 respectively. You only pay for what you use, based on the configuration of your cloud servers.
  • You can add cPanel to your plan for an additional $19.95 monthly. This is not included in the lower-tier pricing plans.
  • A2 web hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a money-back guarantee.

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