June 1, 2023

When buying a house or a real estate condominium, finding the best one for your needs can be quite daunting, especially when looking for units in a multi-use complex. 

States like Arizona are leading the industry regarding specialized multi-use complexes. These complexes are not only residential house units but also have specialized boutique shops, stores, salons, and restaurants for the residents’ comfort. 

You will be able to fund such specialized complexes in Scottsdale owing to the amazing real estate opportunities in the city. 

Many projects are coming up on the canal bank of the Arizona canal; this provides the residents with the feeling of living near water while being in a desert city. A multi-use project, Scottsdale Waterfront, has everything you might ever need. The 1.1 million square feet real estate project is filled with 196 residential units, ranging from small-sized apartments to 4000 square feet units. The best part is that the boutique shops, stores, and salons are situated in the complex for the residents’ ease. This will elevate your living experience, and with the added services of 24-hour security, valet, and concierge services, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. 

If you are a homebuyer in Arizona looking for an upscale living experience, then such properties in Scottsdale are the perfect place to look. 

However, when buying such properties, the whole process can be quite confusing, so here are some different factors you must look at before investing to help you determine the best location for your investment. 

  1. Proximity to community

When buying a home in the complex, you must ensure that a good community surrounds it. 

Ensuring that the people around you share similar beliefs and backgrounds will help you live comfortably in the complex. 

You must also gauge your access to communal areas such as churches, parks, and other communities that are often the ideal places for socializing. 

In addition, the proximity or closeness to other community members is also a determining factor. 

  1. Land size

The real estate project’s overall size is another factor you must consider to determine the quality of the project. 

In real estate, the bigger the plot or the project’s overall size, the better it is.  

Similarly, the bigger the complex, the more facilities, and infrastructure there will be. 

In Arizona, the Scottsdale Waterfront spans 1.1 million square feet containing 196 units of up to 4000 square feet. 

  1. Neighborhood

Besides the complex, you must also pay attention to what is nearby the real estate project. You might not need to look at shops and shopping centers outside the complex if you live in a multi-use residential complex. 

  1. Development 

Look at the current development status of the project before investing your money or booking the residential unit. 

Besides, the stage of development pays special attention to how the project was developed and what materials were used. 

  1. Amenities 

The best part about multi-use complexes is that you get to enjoy various amenities and facilities. 

When investing in the best project, you can enjoy facilities like 24-hour security, concierge services, power backup, guest suites, storage lockers, and other things. 

You must focus on these elements to determine how good the location is and whether it is worth an investment. 

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