June 4, 2023

As a real estate company owner, it must be challenging to manage and scale your business all by yourself. In this line of business, there is little that you can do alone. As it is rightly said, you need a full team of professionals to help you in your efforts to scale your company to new heights. 

Real estate recruiting is more challenging than it sounds, as this profession differs from others, and the inner workings also differ. 

Firstly, as a realtor and a company owner, you must check off some boxes to proceed with recruiting agents. Also, finding the right agent is easier said than done, as the work is extensive, and there are few competent realtors. Even if there are, there would be many real estate firms behind them to sign them up with their agency. 

So, if you are still looking for high-quality candidates for the job, here are the best ways to recruit real estate agents. 

1. Network with others

As a realtor and a business person, you must already know the power of networking and its importance. 

You must be an active part of the community and must network with other real estate agents. A simple way to do so is by joining a club or even an association of realtors to meet like-minded individuals that may help you find the right people for your bottom line. 

In addition, whenever you are making a deal, you must try to get to know the agent on the other side of the deal. If you like how they work, you can invite them over for lunch and offer them to join your firm. 

2. Incentivize your current employees

There is a high chance that the current agents under your wing must already know some of the best players in the industry. You must rely on them to spread the word and help you find the company’s best talent. 

However, a simple way to nudge your current employees in the right direction is by offering them incentives for recommendations. 

If the person they recommend is selected for the job, they are entitled to some cash reward or other incentive. 

3. Use social media

Social media is becoming necessary for every type of business, especially for real estate companies. You get a chance to showcase some of your best listings and achievements to your target audience without having to break the bank.

So, not only can you attract customers, but you can also attract the right talent to your company. 

4. Hire recently licensed agents

It is a viable option to hire new licensees as you can take them under your wing and hone their skills from the initial days as per your company’s work. The best way to do this is by obtaining a list from the local real estate board or the commission. 

A list of new licensees will make the real estate recruiting process much easier for you. 

These are some sure-shot ways to help you get the best talent on board. Ensure you are ready to onboard talent in your company before starting the recruitment process. 

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